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FINEOS is a privately funded Dublin-based software development company, which was founded in 1993. FINEOS is a provider of enterprise software solutions for insurance, health claims, life claims and government social insurance (FINEOS Claims, FINEOS Billing, FINEOS Admin Suite and FINEOS Policy). The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and has offices in North America, Europe and Australia.

Absence Claims for North American Markets Product

Absence Claims Management for the North American markets, is suite that helps employees and employers calculate requested and approved PTO or Unpaid Leave Time based on FED or Local US legislation

Encapsulating over 2000 validations and restrictions based on US acts of law, the system is providing an accurate decision regarding eligibility, applicability and approval of the claim request. Furthermore the system was integrating with Insurance carriers suites to provide and extract data for claim adjustments and paid benefits amount calculation

Health Claims for the North American Markets Product

FINEOS AdminSuite is designed to manage the modern complex structures and relationships of group and individual insurance processing to optimize plan, coverage and data management, operational processing, and business intelligence (BI)

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