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Container for a Solution development initiative large enough to require analysis, the definition of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and financial approval prior to implementation.


Implementation occurs over multiple Program Increments (PIs) and follows the Lean start up ‘build-measure-learn’ cycle.

Scaled Agile, Inc.

Digital Product Design Studios


Our Beliefs

Success is based on action, and actions are the results of beliefs

Our Services

Design software that helps businesses do more


Our Clients

Companies that achieved product success, outperformed their competitors


What we do

When you need to launch a new concept or reform and transform your existing digital products and software, we spin up a team of top-level contractors that includes a Designers, Architects, Engineers, and a Product Owner.
The designs are floated by the key users and stakeholders of your company and our UX Designers and Architects shape them, then the Engineers builds it, and your Business Lead markets it.
Intelligent products of the future will change the ways in which people work and play. To envision these developments it requires empathy and responsibility on the part of designers.
It requires skills of critical judgment and an open-minded attitude as well as competencies beyond traditional engineering and computer science. It additionally requires engagement in multidisciplinary Lean - AGILE teams for the development of successful products and services that benefit the world.
We are here to help take the journey of creating innovative products.


Athens Office

Leoforos Kifisias 80

 Athina 115 26 


Tel. No. +30 2130991590

Dublin Office

50A Rosemount Business Park

Rosemount Park Drive, Ballycoolin

Dublin 11


Tel. No.  +353 (0) 852407018

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